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More loving relationships

Having better relationships is actually simpler than one would imagine. Is is basically the result of learning communication skills that are different from the ones you were raised with, and then making the decision to stop blaming other human beings when things go wrong.

This workshop will teach you the basics of how to communicate in ways that will build safety in your relationships rather than negativity.

In a series of evening classes or weekend workshops you will gradually gain knowledge and practice in gaining freedom from the stubborn, negative patterns that we allow to run our lives.

This workshop is based on an american method called Re-evaluation Counseling. RC is more than a guide to better relationships. It is a school in handling painful emotions and Judith is a licensed teacher of Re-evaluation Counseling. She introduced RC to Sweden in 1974 and a swedish network of thousands of Re-evaluation counselors exists today spread in local communities throughout the country. For an article written in the Swedish Magasine "Må Bra" describing aspects of RC, see http://www.skrivuppdraget.se/laddaned/06/Parsamtal.pdf

If you would like to book a workshop or a private session concerning relationship
problems, contact Judith at +46(0)54 667116 or +46(0)733012147.

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