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Vedic mantra meditation

Do you feel drawn to the idea of learning to meditate? And yet have no idea where to begin…there are so many methods available! Or perhaps you’ve already tried some form of meditation and decided it required too much time and effort, so you dropped it. Vedic Mantra meditation is easy and pleasant. You don’t need to use concentration or effort. In spite of its simplicity, you’ll find that this method is a very effective way to recharge your batteries, both physically and spiritually, in that you can quickly succeed to reach a state of deep physical relaxation and psychological restoration.

The technique comes from the Vedic tradition. Judith has traveled to India several times to study with different gurus, and has over 40 years of experience in teaching this method.

How does this method differ from other methods?

1)It doesn’t take long to reach a state of deep relaxation.
You do not need to sit in an uncomfortable position. (You can even use this method traveling on trains and planes…)
3)In spite of the fact that the method is easy and pleasant, you’ll get results quickly. Blood pressure is balanced and energy increases.
4)The price

You are welcome to test a simple technique that will increase your creativity and give you greater inner harmony.

To learn this method you’ll need four lessons, and the first is always a private lesson. The cost is on a gliding scale, with lower rates for students, pensioners, unemployed, and sicklisted. If you want to start with a group of people you already know, the rate can be also reduced. Book through Judith at 0733012147.

 Judith can even perform deeksha (oneness blessing), a form of energy transmission she was trained to give by Bhagavan Kalki in South India.

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