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Shamanism is probably mankind's oldest method for healing and spiritual problem solving, and there is evidence of the practice of Shamanism that is tens of thousands years old. Traditionally only a selected few became shamans, but now conditions have changed. Today it is possible for many more to open up to healing powers and to use Shamanism to help themselves and others. This could be because human consciousness has expanded or because the relationship to mother earth needs to be healed...probably both.

If you want to establish greater contact with a spiritual guide or would like to start working with healing but don't know where to start, you are welcome to an introductory lecture or a private session for shamanic healing. If you already work with healing, your abilities will expand by using these methods.

During an introduction for a group we will go through how doors to other dimensions can be opened to receive guidance, how to establish contact with your power animal or spiritual guide, how you can heal yourself and others. This lecture is not an anthropological lecture...it is an opportunitly to experience a drum journey.

After the introduction it is possible to deepen your experience through a series of one/two day workshops. We can then cover power animal rituals, soul retrieval, questions relating to death, and how to journey back into a dream.

You can also book a private session with Judith. She devotes 1.5 to 2 hours to your specific questions. You will establish contact with your spiritual guide and learn how to "travel" inwardly to the shaman drum. 

Cost for an introductory seminar: 300 Swedish Crowns (about 30 Euro). 
Private sessions: 900 Swedish Crowns (about 90 Euro).
The cost of a weekend workshop varies depending on the length of the
workshop and where it is located.

For more information contact Judith at +46(0)733012147 .

About Judith's background concerning shamanism:

"Unlike my other esoteric interests, shamanism was not a disciplin I found through personal interest. In 1989 my life partner and the father to my son died suddenly from undiscovered cancer and I ended up in a dark night of the soul. A friend who practiced shamanism saw that I had lost my power and offered to do a power animal retrieval for me. My actual initiation came about a year later through a visionary dream where I was swallowed by two powerful bursts of light that blinded me like lightning. The light contained spiritual gifts and the shaman who had given them then asked me to develope the shaman within me. I was born in North America, and my ethic background is French Canadian, Finnish, and a small part Micmac Indian, but I give thanks to what I have learned about shamanic healing to two main sources:

1) Jonathan Horwitz (www.shamanism.dk, www.asbacka.org) who originally worked intimately with anthropologist Michael Harner, author of the classic "The Way of the Shaman" and  2) Visions and gifts received from ancestors and spirit guides in the spiritual realms. The form of shamanism I teach can be combined with your faith, regardless of whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddist, Indian, etc. The school I belong to deals with healing the body and soul, in cooperation with the positive, constructive and loving energies in the universe."

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